The tale of the City of Pixel Town is fraught with legends, hearsay, and tall tales. From what I’ve heard and know of it, it started as a videogame for a handheld game system with a green screen. It was later updated and given a sequel in full 8bit color, and ever more laterer it was given a 16 bit sequel due to what must have been popular demand. All the while the citizens of the City of Pixel Town regarded the changing color palettes and increased resolution with little more than a passing acknowledgment. “Oh what’s this today? The sky isn’t green? What’s this new color? Shall we call it blue?” to which another would respond, “Certainly! Blue is a fine name for it. And look, you’ve doubled your resolution! Your eyes look so clear this morning.” “Why thank you!”


And that was about it. They continue about their lives, blissfully unaware of 32 bit games, the progression to 64 bit systems, polygons, or the world outside of the City of Pixel Town. In this cartridge that time forgot, it’s just life as usual, or unusual, and you, dear reader, have the chance to see what happens first hand.


~Dan Wegendt

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